Kplex Capital is a global Mergers and Acquisitions firm based in London. The team behind Kplex Capital have expertise across a broad range of business sectors and are high net worth investors.

We provide operational experience as well as funding to our businesses by working with management teams to add value, and making decisions to actively drive growth.

Most of the business we work with are

We work with our partners and teams of specialist management consultants, tax & accountancy, legal, finance, insolvency and investment advisors, selected for their proven experience and expertise. When you partner with us you get the support of an “All Star Board of Directors” to you get the outstanding support but without the upfront cost. We employ strategies to immediately increase gross profits typically by 10%, restructure financing to reduce costs & shape the business for sale, merger or acquisition.

We are not interested in short term gains but in empowering the people of each business we get involved in. We achieve this by giving them the tools, resources and capital to be able to unleash their full potential.

We are highly value-led when it comes to executions and operations and we stand by Investing in People. With a highly experienced team at the ready. Kplex Capital has built a distinguished reputation in making each and every business acquired a great success.





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Our vision and values

We acquire, both majority and minority interests, in small/mid-market businesses to help founders reach new levels of growth or successfully exit their business at the premium valuation to a strategic buyer.

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of the businesses we acquire by empowering the people within. We believe entrepreneurs are the driving force behind our economy, innovation, and progress. Therefore, we invest time, resources and capital to ensure their success.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create growth and value through investing in small and medium high growth enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market businesses. Our objective is to generate value through the growth of equity investments.

Our values:

Reliable, dependable and a safe pair of hands

Forward thinking
Spot opportunities and create plans to develop business, even the non-conventional, uses
considerable initiative, assesses and evaluates risk.

Confident in opinion or assertion, projects confidence inspiring outward presence, remains
focussed on a favourable outcome. Glass half full.

Among individuals, departments and divisions, regards the team as more important than the
sum of the individuals, actively encourages team participation and joint success.